Historically, our permanent presence in Kenya started in October 1996 when we purchased and moved into a house in May East Road, off Lang’ata South Road, Nairobi. Fr Joseph Vallauri was the first Son of Divine Providence to live in Kenya from that moment with some aspirants from Kenya who wanted to become members.

Our next community began at Kaburugi, in Murang’a Diocese, not far from Thika, where we were asked to start a new parish. Frs. Jose’ Martins, Raymond Ahoua and Marek Krakus were the members of the community there beginning on 13th December 1998.

A second parish was begun in Ng’ong Diocese, at a place called Kandisi in January 1999. At first the parish priest, Fr Paulo Damin lived at May East Road and commuted daily to the parish which is about 15 km from May East Road. Some yearslater a community was established at Kandisi with Fr Peter Wambulwa and Fr Alex Ruiz.

In the meantime, a 5 acre plot next to the original house in May East Road was purchased and with that we had two houses in 6 acres of land. This was the Formation Community which has been steadily growing until today. In 2014 a separatechapel was built. In 2017 a new house for confreres studying theology was built.

This year, 2019, probably on 16th May, the feast of St. Luigi Orione, founder of the Sons of Divine Providence, a new parish will begin at Gaitu, on the Equator, 14 km from Meru town, in the diocese of Meru.

Also in Meru Town, a novitiate will be set up from 29th June 2019 for Kenyans and others.

Up to January 2019 there are 8 Kenyan priests of the Sons of Divine Providence, 1 priest from Togo, 1 priest from Burkina Faso, 1 priest from Chile, 1 priest from Albania and 1 priest from the UK

There are 2 Kenyan brothers with perpetual vows, 5 brothers with temporary vows, doing community and pastoral experience (tirocinium), and 6 Kenyan brothers with temporary vows studying theology in Nairobi, together with 2 deacons from India, 1 deacon from the Philippines, 2 brothers from the Ivory Coast, 3 brothers from Togo, 4 brothers from India and one brother from the Philippines.

There are also 9 Kenyan postulants preparing for the novitiate and 11 aspirants studying philosophy. These are joined by one brother from the Philippines doing community and pastoral experience in the Formation House.

We thank God for how the Sons of Divine Providence have grown in Kenya during the last 23 years and pray that they may, like Christ Himself, “increase in wisdom, in stature and in favour with God and with people”.