At Orione Seva, we believe in making a difference and adding value to people’s lives, one small good deed at a time.

Orione Seva, established in 2003, is the Indian branch of “The Sons of Divine Providence,” a Roman Catholic religious congregation founded by Saint Luigi Orione (1872–1940) in Italy in 1893. Orione Seva is inspired by its founder’s motto “Do good always, do good to all, harm nobody.” Don Orione is remembered for his commitment to social justice, diversity, and equality and the selfless service rendered unquestioningly to those in need. We remain committed to his principles and our services are open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Road map 2018 – 2021

2018 - 2019

Formation of Priests
  • B. Psychology
  • M. Social Worker
  • B. Education
  • Diploma in Psychology
  • Warangal (2 Priests and 2 Regents): Look for new property attached to the existing land before land.
  • Kollam (2 Priests and 1 Regent): Rain Harvesting, building up a new Dining Room and toilets in the main land property.
  • Bangalore (4 Priests and 2 Regents): Work towards Sustainability acquiring new property for building up shops for rent. Get 80G for better fund raising.
  • Taking care of a Parish in the UK to raise funds for the running of the Seminaries in India.
  • Warangal: Opening of a new Parish reality.
  • Day care Centre for People with Intellectual Disability.
  • Thayi Project for women of the neighbourhood.
  • After School Support Service for Children in both villages.
  • Gauribidanur: Poorna Project (working for livelihood and Productivity)
  • Bangalore: Orionine Lay Movement and Orionine Youth Movement. Pastoral Ministry in the Dioceses by taking up a substation chapel in our area.

2019 - 2020

Formation of Priests
  • M.Com
  • Agriculture Engineer
  • Law
  • Warangal (3 Priests and 2 Regents): New Building for Day Care centre.
  • Kollam (2 Priests and 1 Regent): Retreat Centre to raise funds for running the Postulancy.
  • Bangalore (3 Priests and 3 Regents): Sport Centre in Devarathayi, Maria Sadan will need to become Daya Niketan or being rent out as hostel.
  • Gauribidanur (2 Priests and 1 Regent): Building up Aspirancy House.
  • Warangal: Orionine Lay Movement and Orionine Youth Movement. New Pastoral Activities in the Parish.
  • Kollam: Ministry for Immigrant Fishermen.
  • Bangalore: Daya Niketan will need to start working towards the changes required to shift from Vithayathil Farm.
  • Gauribidanur: Taking up pastoral work for Christian community in the city and surrounding.

2020 - 2021

Formation of Priests
  • B. Ed in MR
  • MBA in HR
  • Warangal (3 Priests and 2 Regents): Income Generating Project.
  • Kollam (2 Priests and 1 Regent): Search for Pastoral Ministry in Parishes.
  • Bangalore (3 Priests and 2 Regent)
  • Gauribidanur (2 Priests and 1 Regent): Opening of Parish Mission.
  • New Mission: Opening a pastoral community in Tamil Nadu (5 New Priestly Ordinations in 2021)