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The green house

Garden sunflowers

The activities room

Main entrance

Art project: Our Advent Calendar display

The Molesey Horticulture & Art Services, often referred to by those who attend simply as the “Horti”, are located in Orchard Lane, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 0BN.

Activities are available every Monday to Friday 9.30m to 3 pm (except Bank Holidays) in ground floor buildings on site and within the large grounds. Whole day sessions are for up to 15 individuals a day, with a standard charge of £55 per day (reviewed annually).

The activities available at “Horti” include:

  1. Horticulture in the greenhouse and outdoors
  2. Selling plants, fruit and vegetables to the public
  3. Arts and Crafts, indoors or outside
  4. Wood craft, in a workshop or outdoors
  5. Garden Maintenance
  6. Seasonal Festivals

Day sessions are available

Whole day sessions are available at “Horti”, please contact the manager to arrange a visit. Telephone 0208 398 1140 or email manager.horti@orionecare.org

The Centre employs a team with qualifications and work experience in one or more areas of horticulture, therapeutic horticulture, arts and crafts or care and support work. Members of the team applied their wide variety of work experience and skills to help those attending activities to prepare for the workplace environment or for therapeutic benefits.

Activities are tailored to the needs of each individual, including communication and mobility needs. Those attending meet regularly and are involved in planning the activities programme.

The Centre operates a ‘no smoking’ policy within its buildings and grounds.

Where to find us

Molesey Horticulture and Art Services
Orchard Lane
East Molesey