The Orionine Lay Movement

The Orionine Lay Movement comprises men and women; lay people who are representatives from various branches of the Orionine family: staff, ex-pupils, tenants, benefactors and service users. They are in communion with the Church, either in our Movement or as individuals. They live Don Orione’s charism in their daily lives and share with the Orionine family the mission to “Instaurare omnia in Christo”. (Eph. 1,10) ‘To restore all things in Christ’.

The members of the OLM are men and women who are deeply rooted in the Gospel and wish to live Don Orione’s charism in the world, committing themselves to grow in the exercise of “charity that restores, edifies and unifies all in Christ and in His Church.”

The specific aim of the OLM is to favour the spiritual dissemination of our Family beyond the visible boundaries of our Little Work, by deepening its charismatic work for a more effective establishment of its mission within the Church and in the world.

Should you want more information on how to become a member of the Orionine Lay Movement please contact: or telephone 0208 977 5130