Person centred care and support

In our care services we use an approach known as ‘person-centred care’.  This means focusing on the person, remembering that each individual has a rich personal history and a unique approach to life.

First and foremost it means thinking about each person’s feelings, and allowing this to govern how we respond. It also means supporting each person to do as much as possible for him or herself.

We can make a huge difference to their quality of life by how we treat each person.  We know that people can enjoy a sense of self-esteem if others show respect and kindness.

Every one of the individuals moving into our care services will have a detailed care plan discussed with him or her involving any representative or nominated family members.  The care plan is written with the person, in the ‘first person’ and presented in words and pictures (where appropriate) that enable understanding and discussion.

Orione Care welcomes comments about our services at any time.

Through our approach to person centred care, we listen to each person’s views before we plan the care and support we provide to meet his or her needs.  We listen very carefully to what he or she is saying or doing to understand or interpret what he or she needs or wants.  In this way we can make frequent changes to how a person’s care and support is organised to best suit the person’s needs at any time.

If a person does not speak his or her views, we will invite a family member, representative or a friend to help and we will try our best to communicate in a way that each person can understand and so that we can listen.  We work in this way with care planning, at meetings of residents or from day to day and especially while we are getting to know a person, shortly after he or she has moved in to the service.

Anyone who lives in our housing, or uses our services, can attend the meetings of our Trustees, which are held regularly through the year. Information about these meetings is given in the about us page.

Whenever anyone tells us we have got it wrong, we will follow our complaints procedure and work hard to put things right again.

The Sons of Divine Providence priests offer the Roman Catholic sacrament of Anointing of the Sick periodically, to give spiritual strength and comfort in times of sickness or failing health and residents of the services are encouraged to ask to be anointed when they are sick. A priest will visit a sick person on request, including while they are in hospital or in bed. In the event of a health emergency, and only in accordance with a resident’s known wishes.

Priests are available on request to those who wish to make their confession.

Non Catholic individuals may wish to receive visits from their own ministers, who are always welcome. A list of local Ministers is available and staff will help to make contact with Ministers from their respective faiths.  Staff members are made available to support individuals of any religion to practice their faith.