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Priority Documents

Employee Handbook
Management of Incidents
An Introduction to Information Sharing
Bupa Employee Assistance
Sundial House Statement of Purpose
Cardinal Heenan House Statement of Purpose
Signed Health and Safety Policy 2019
Business Continuity Plan
Employers Liability Certificate

Employee Forms

Employee Starter Form
Employee Change of Circumstance Form
Equal Opportunities Monitoring
Employer Leaving Form
Starter Checklist


0.0 Introduction
0.1 Mission values and objectives
0.2 Scheme of delegation
0.3 Management structure

Health and safety

Health and safety handbook
Health and safety policy


1.0 Safe people
1.1 Safeguarding adults
1.2 Management of medicines
1.2.1 Management of medicines off site
1.3 Policy on restraint
1.3.1 Violence risk assessment
1.4 Pressure ulcer prevention and care
1.4.1 Pressure ulcer risk assessment and treatment process
1.4.2 Safeguarding adults: Body map
1.5Whistle blowing
1.5.1 Whistle blowing poster
1.6 Managing the money of people we support
1.7 Vehicles
1.8 Smoking
1.9 Fire procedures at St Johns
1.9.1 Personal emergency evacuation plan
1.10.1 Falls assessment tool
1.10.2 Falls care plan
1.F.1 Risk assessment form with residual risk measures
1.F.2 Risk assessment


2.0 Effective services
2.1 Mental capacity and deprivations of liberty
2.1.1 Orione Care staff members mental capacity
2.2 Consent to care and support
2.2.1 Assessment of mental capacity
2.2.2 Consent to care and support plan
2.2.3 Consent to an aspect of care and support
2.3 Advance decisions
2.4 Food and nutrition
2.4.1 Nutritional screening: Nutritional risk assessment
2.4.2 Nutritional screening: Nutritional plan record form
2.5 Night time support for older people
2.6.1 Waterlow score


3.0 Caring outcomes
3.1 Equalities and diversity individuals using a service
3.2 Communication and dementia
3.3 Person centred care and support
3.4 Transitional shock in dementia care
3.5 Sexuality and relationships for individuals using service
3.6 Official communication
3.7 Data protection policy
3.7.1 Data breach policy
3.8 Confidentiality Policy
3.9 Dignity and Privacy Policy
3.10 Social Media Policy


4.0 Responsive support
4.1 Complaints procedure all services
4.1.1 Accessible complaints Horticultural and Arts Centre
4.1.2 Accessible complaints Cardinal Heenan House
4.1.3 Accessible complaints St John's
4.1.4 Accessible complaints Sundial House
4.2a Starting the moving in process - Involvement and information
4.2b Individuals moving in
4.2.1 Information regarding individuals using a service
4.2.2 Information regarding individual new to a care home
4.2.3 Pre-admission assessment and review
4.2.4 referral for care home service
4.2.5a Residents contract Cardinal Heenan House
4.2.5b Residents contract St John's House
4.2.5c Residents contract Sundial House
4.2.6 Application form for residency
4.2.6a Application form from doctor
4.2.7 Application form for an adult with a learning disability
4.2.8 Dependency levels fee scale Cardinal Heenan House
4.3a Business continuity emergency plan
4.3b Business continuity plan Cardinal Heenan House
4.4 End of life
4.5 Keyworking and code of practice for keyworkers
4.5.1 Care support and health action planning
4.5.2 Person centred care and support health action plan
4.6 Re-admission of individuals from hospital protocol
4.6.1 Discharge assessment for existing residents returning from hospital
4.7 Calling a doctor to an individual using a care home service
4.8 Service users attending trustees meetings


5.0 Well Led Organisation Index
5.1 Assessing, monitoring and improving the quality of service provision
5.1.1f Management review of incident
5.1.2f Critical evaluation meeting action plan
5.2 Duty of candour
5.3.1 Management of incidents
5.3.2 Guide to completing the accident and incident form
5.3.3 Individual using a service: Accident or incident including near misses
5.4 Responsible roles and emergency procedures
5.5 Petty cash procedures
5.6 Records management
5.6.1 Archiving and control of records
5.7 Business planning and development

Quality manual for care services: Well led staff

6.0 Well led staff
6.1 Staff Keeping in Touch policy and template
6.1.1 Employee Keeping in Touch agenda record
6.1.2 Staff Keeping in Touch record
6.1.3 Probation report
6.1.4 Exit interview
6.2 Staff appraisal policy
6.2.1 Appraisal preparation
6.2.2 Annual appraisal self assessment
6.3 Absence management policy
6.4 The recruitment of ex-offenders
6.4.1 Handling of disclosure Information
6.4.2 Record of check of criminal record certificate
6.4.3 Criminal record check risk assessment
6.4.4 Application process personal file checklist
6.5 Staff training and development
6.5.1 Application for training course
6.5.2 Staff training records
6.5.3 Additional staff training
6.5.4 Care certificate template
6.5.5 Training and development portfolio
6.5.6 Introduction
6.6 Volunteer policy
6.7 Recruitment of agency workers
6.7.1 Agency audit letter
7.0 Employee handbook
7.1 Employee starter form
7.1a New employee induction head office functions
7.2 Employee change of circumstances
7.3 Employee leaving

Well led organisation: Quality surveys

Service user quality questionnaire Sundial House
Staff survey questionnaire Cardinal Heenan House
Staff survey questionnaire Horticultural and Arts Centre
Staff survey questionnaire Sundial House
Staff survey questionnaire St John's House

Quality manual for care services: Signing sheets for polices

Mission values and objectives
Managing medicines
Pressure ulcer prevention
Managing money
Fire procedures
Mental capacity and deprivations of liberty
Letter to all staff
Consent to care and support
Advance decisions
Food and nutrition
Night time support
Equality and diversity
Communication and dementia
Person centred care and support
Transitional shock
Sexuality and relationships
Official communications
Data protection
Dignity and privacy
Social media
Moving in
Additional information
Starting moving in
Business continuity
End of life
Re-admission of individuals from hospital
Calling for a doctor
Attending trustees meetings
Assessing quality
Duty of candour
Incident management
Responsible roles
Petty cash
Records management
Staff appraisal
Absence management
Ex-offenders recruitment
Handling of disclosure information
Staff training and development
Volunteer policy