Person Centred Care

We use an approach known as ‘person-centred care’.  This means focusing on the person and not the dementia, remembering that each individual has a rich personal history and a unique approach to life.

First and foremost it means thinking about each person’s feelings, and allowing this to govern how we respond. It also means supporting each person to do as much as possible for him or herself. 

Although we cannot cure the person’s brain damage, we can make a huge difference to their quality of life by how we treat each person.  We know that you can have many moments of happiness in dementia, if people show respect and kindness – this helps compensate for the disabilities dementia brings.

Every one of the individuals moving into our care homes for older people will have a detailed care plan discussed with him or her involving any representative or nominated family members.  The care plan is written with the person, in the 'first person' and presented in words and pictures that enable understanding and discussion.