Pastoral and Spiritual Services

Cardinal Heenan House has an on-site chapel which is open at all times for prayer and reflection.  There is a daily Mass and individuals or their family and visitors, Catholic or of any denomination or faith, are always welcome.  There are also periodic half day of recollections during the year e.g. at Christmas, Easter, and during the summer. The content is personal prayer, silence, scripture readings, and sharing of thoughts.

The Sons of Divine Providence priests offer the Roman Catholic sacrament of Anointing of the Sick periodically, to give spiritual strength and comfort in times of sickness or failing health and residents of the care homes are encouraged to ask to be anointed when they are sick. A priest will visit a sick resident on request, including while they are in hospital or in bed. In the event of a health emergency, and only in accordance with a resident’s known wishes, a priest will be called to anoint the person before they travel to hospital.

Priests are available on request to those who wish to make their confession.

Non Catholic individuals may wish to receive visits from their own ministers, who are always welcome. A list of local Ministers is available and staff will help residents to make contact with Ministers from their Churches.  Staff members are made available to support individuals of any religion to practice their faith.

A priest attends the regular resident meetings from time to time to discuss the range of pastoral and spiritual services available.