Kathryn's Blog

September 11th 2013

feb_a_13_350Wednesday mornings I do art with Martyn or Nicky. This morning I made an owl out of clay. I also made an owl using collage. I cut up bits of coloured paper and foam and stuck them onto my template. (6/2/13)









may_b_13_001_350_01 I started working on my raised beds in May. I am holding some petunias to plant in my bed. I also planted two different types of Cosmos. I have weeded and watered it and I also put some Union Jacks, garden gnomes and a wiindmill to show the bed is mine.(24/7/13)









 My plants have grown a lot during the summer and we are building a castle in the woodwork room so my flags can be seen.aug_c_13_027_350