Involving people who use our services

We welcome comments about our services at any time.

Through our approach to person centred care, we listen to each person’s views before we plan the care and support we provide to meet his or her needs.  In the case of a person with dementia, we listen very carefully to what he or she is saying or doing to understand or interpret what he or she needs or wants.  In this way we can make frequent changes to how a person’s care and support is organised to best suit the person’s needs at any time.

If a person does not speak his or her views, we will invite a family member, representative or a friend to help and we will try our best to communicate in a way that each person can understand and so that we can listen.  We work in this way with care planning, at meetings of residents or from day to day and especially while we are getting to know a person, shortly after he or she has moved in to the home.

Every year we will ask each person who uses our services to give us feedback on how well we are doing, in confidence. Questionnaires are made available in an easy read version, with words and pictures.

Anyone who lives in our housing, or uses our services, can attend the meetings of our Trustees, which are four times per year. Information about these meetings is given in the 'about us' page.

Whenever anyone tells us we have got it wrong, we will follow our complaints procedure and work hard to put things right again.  Download Complaints Document