Housing with Support

users_451_350There are 65 properties in Orione Care that can be rented by individual people. We have some two bedroomed flats, one bedroomed flats and some bedsits where the bathroom and some of the other facilities can be shared with other tenants.

Some of our tenants are independent and some receive support or care, but not from Orione Care.



A Quick Guide to our Tenant's Handbook:

Every tenant has to sign a tenancy agreement before moving in. It includes your rights as a tenant and says that you must respect the property and the other tenants.


What happens if something goes wrong or is broken in the flat?

gas_link_broken_unscrewed_not_installed_right_125You will be able to contact the housing officer at the Head Office between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Friday. When you move in, you will be given an emergency phone number to contact someone at other times.

You must look after your flat.


house_simple_bungalow_colour_125shower_bath_non_accessible_125hands_working_tap_repair_plumbing_white_125We will make sure all these things work properly:

The building, walls and roof.

The heating and hot water.

Sinks, toilet, shower and bath (but not blockages or plugs).

gas_boiler_hot_water_125satellite_dish_12501092009059_125Supply of gas, electricity and water.

Shared entrances, hallways, lobbies and stairs.

TV aerial.


What you will be responsible for:

painting_woman_2_125kicked_125image027_125Decorating inside your flat.

Fixing any damage done by you or your visitors.

Clearing blocked sinks, showers, baths, toilets or your own appliances.

image001_125lightbulb_yellow_125electricity_mains_power_circuit_breaker_safety_125keys_125Replacing toilet seats, or lost basin or bath plugs.

Replacing light bulbs.

Resetting electical trip switches.


night_and_day_125Emergency repairs

water_pipe_leak_strong_flow_flooding_125We will make sure that any emergency repairs are done within 24 hours. Emergencies are things like loss of electricity, a burst water pipe or loss of heating in cold weather.  We employ other people, called contractors, to do our emergency repairs.


woman_thumbs_up_125identification_gas_worker_125female_checking_watch_125Our contractors will:

Make an appointment with you and arrive in good time.

Show you identification.

Treat you and your home with respect and be helpful and polite.

  • Work safely and clean up after themselves.

housing_inspector_125Some other things are also done by contractors, such as looking after gas boilers and central heating. We have to check certain things every year, to make sure they are safe for you and your visitors. You will be told before anyone visits.




The amount you will to pay us is made up of Rent and a Service Charge. The full amount is set for the whole first year after you move in and is reviewed every September, when it may go up. We will always give you at least a month's notice of an increase.

In most properties you are responsible for paying Council Tax, water and utilities, but in a few flats Council Tax is part of the service charge.


Some pets are allowed and some are not. Ask the Housing Officer for details.

Moving out

You will receive information about this before you move in.



young_man_worried_upset_125If you have a complaint, first speak to the Housing Officer.

woman_talking_phone_downs_syndrome_communication_125If the Housing Officer cannot resolve it, speak to the Complaints Monitoring Officer at our Head Office.  

If you are still not satisfied you can make a complaint to the Independent Housing Ombudsman. A copy of the full complaints procedure will be given to you before you move in.