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July 10th 2014
Talking about the holiday we had planned to the Avon Tyrell Centre Ian had said this so often it became the catchphrase of the holiday. In the weeks up to our activity holiday it looked as if his fe...
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September 11th 2013
Wednesday mornings I do art with Martyn or Nicky. This morning I made an owl out of clay. I also made an owl using collage. I cut up bits of coloured paper and foam and stuck them onto my template. (6...
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August 16th 2013
I have started working on my new woodworking project. I am making a windvane which is shaped like a Spitfire aeroplane. I am about half-way through painting it. I really enjoy doing it. (3/4/13)   ...
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August 15th 2013
For the last few weeks we have been taking our breaks and lunches on the Horti Verandah instead of the Molesey Venture dining room. We had to find an alternative while the kitchen there was being re-d...
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August 15th 2013
My BlogThis is a nice model Thames Barge. I made it in the craft room. It is blue and white and has my mum's name on it (Joyce). I really enjoyed making it. (January 2013)     I enjoy being o...
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August 14th 2013
Claremont Garden – 11/6/13 A small group outing to a nearby National Trust property, Claremont Garden, an 18th Century garden with nearly 300 years of history.  The landscape bears the stamp of...
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August 7th 2013
I enjoy playing pool in the Molesey Venture Lounge. I like to play with Simon, one of our volunteers and also Peter, who is a member of staff. Staff tell me I am one of the best players.   I have be...
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August 6th 2013
We were painting a drumset for the Christmas Party. We made paperchains to hang from the ceiling. We made a Christmas tree stand with Peter. I dressed up smart for the party and met all my friends. (5...
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July 31st 2013
A bright summer’s day, the sound of leather against willow.The two oldest cricket teams locked in bitter combat….not quite, but we had two teams: England (led by Matthew) against Australia(front...
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July 24th 2013
David (Manager) asked me if I would like to have a raised bed to plant. I said I would. I enjoy doing it. I have to feed and water the plants. I have planted petunias, lobelias and mariglolds.
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A WALK IN THE NEW FOREST (Molesey Horticultural Centre’s Activity Holiday)   After many months of planning and organising, it was with great relief that our fully loaded minibus with six male ...
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April 19th 2013
I have made a clay owl in art. I made one out of paper first and then made it in clay. It took three weeks to make. When it was finished I took it home. I have put it in my bedroom. I would like to pu...
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April 18th 2013
I am making some raised beds with David, our Manager and Paul (staff).I helped build the sides in the greenhouse and put them up with David. I made holes for the posts with this crowbar. When the end...
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April 16th 2013
I have been making a model Thames Barge. I had to paint the keel, the part that goes on the bottom of the boat. I painted it red, which is my favourite colour. I have been digging over the vegetable ...
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April 12th 2013
We went to an Art Exhibition at a gallery in Molesey. I am looking at this painting. Iiked it. I do paintings in the Art Groups at the Centre.
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March 27th 2013
We are filling the raised bed boxes with soil. They will have plants in them. We have to check that there are no bindweed roots in the soil before we put it in. If we didn't do this the bindweed w...
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March 6th 2013
I was in the craftroom cutting out the template for the weathervane. It is shaped like an aeroplane, a Spitfire. I am enjoying making it (7/2/13).       I am painting the Spitfire to go on my w...
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February 25th 2013
We went to Brooklands Museum and the London Bus Museum. I am standing in front of the Tallboy Bomb. It was used in the Second World War. I was worried it might go off while I was standing there! I lik...
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February 1st 2013
We celebrated Burn's night at the Horti. We had haggis and 'neeps and 'nips. Then we had some Highland Games. I played arm wrestling and tossing the caber.
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July 10th 2012
For the last two years a dozen or so of our service users have been working on constructing models of the famous Thames Barges that were a common sight on the Thames Estuary and other Essex and Kentis...
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October 21st 2011
New 'kid' on the block"Clumsy and cumbersome, rumbustious, though you're a slow coach, you're OK for us." So sang Jake Thackray, (of happy memory), in an affectionate paean to his loca...
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 Me, Myself & I After an earlier successful exhibition at the Dittons Library in 2006, service users returned with a new outing of their artwork, “Me, Myself and I”. The exhibition, which ran f...
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Cornwall 2011We returned on Friday 1st April from Cornwall, having had a great time as this photo shows! 
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March 14th 2011
'Horti' Holidays: We are looking forward to this year's activity holiday to Bodmin, Cornwall.In 2009 we made friends with the people at Barmherzige Brϋder in Germany when they visited ...
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