Environment and Facilities

Our care home for older people has been adapted by design to offer a dementia-friendly environment.  We are careful to provide signage, prompts and triggers to help each person find his or her way within the home.  If a person needs it, we place a memory box outside his or her room and ensure that the items placed in it will help the person identify it as his or her private space. We refurbished our corridors to ensure that the use of colour, shade and lighting do not disorientate, for example by painting door colours to contrast with the walls in corridors, creating ‘pathways’ in the floor coverings while avoiding sharp colour contrasts and by painting toilet doors all the same colour.  Signs use pictures as well as words and are positioned at the height recommended in well-researched design guidance from the Stirling Dementia Services Development Centre.

We offer a choice of lounges; furniture and furnishings are of high-quality, supportive of mobility and comfort, while being traditional in appearance.  We pay close attention to the dining experience and menus are varied and produce is fresh, with individuals regularly consulted on meal choice and food quality.

Many bedrooms have en-suite facilities at Cardinal Heenan House and we aim to ensure that they are well-furnished and personalised. We also offer extensive communal space and accessible gardens.

We have attractive gardens too, which are secure and laid-out to support individuals to experience an outdoor ‘journey’ with attractions and rest points along the way, whilst avoiding ‘dead-ends’.