Choice and Control

st_johns_service_users_585_350In a care home service we will agree with you the care or support that you need every day and together we will write a person-centred support plan.

There will be a review meeting every six months to make sure we are still meeting your needs and respecting your wishes.

We will respect you as an individual, with choices, rights and needs.

keys_125We will support your independence by helping you to organise things like meals, activities and holidays.

We will support you to move into supported living accommodation, if that is what you want. 


st_johns_service_users_548_260We will support you to do things that you would like in the local community, like go to college or go out to enjoy yourself, with friends or just with your carer.st_johns_service_users_434_125

We will manage any risks to keep you safe and healthy.


st_johns_service_users_367_260If you move in, you will have a licence agreement with Orione Care for your room, meals and the care and support you need.  We will ask you, or your representative, to sign the agreement to say that you will respect the property and the other people.