About Us

aboutus1_350Orione Care is committed to principles of social justice, diversity and equality. Our policy and operation is guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church, while our services are open to people of all beliefs and none and our members of staff are individuals of various religious faiths or none.

Orione Care provides 65 units of independent social housing, many of which include supported living arrangements for older people and adults with a learning disability. We offer care home accommodation with 24-hour care to 31 older people, many of whom have dementia, and to 13 adults with a learning disability. The charitable company also runs a centre for up to 15 adults with a learning disability each day, which offers a programme of activities in horticulture, arts and crafts and work skills.

The name ‘Orione Care’ is a working name for the English charitable company, ‘The Sons of Divine Providence’ (company number 4249759, charity number 1088675, registered social landlord number LH4338). The charitable company shares its original name with the Roman Catholic religious community which founded it.

saintorionelogoThe Sons of Divine Providence is a Roman Catholic religious Congregation, founded in Italy in 1893. The Congregation takes inspiration from its founder Saint Luigi Orione, whose motto was “Do good always, do good to all, harm nobody”. Don Orione is remembered for his commitment to social justice and the service of those in need, a service guided and inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Don Orione began his work with orphans and street children in the city of Tortona in northwest Italy while he was still a student. He was a man of enormous energy and enterprise, and by the time of his death in 1940 Don Orione and his followers had established services for the care of the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged people all over Italy, as well as in Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Palestine. Today over a thousand priests and brothers of the Congregation are working in thirty six countries around the world providing services for more than 200,000 people in a variety of health and social care projects.

aboutus2_300The Sons of Divine Providence came to England in 1949 when Fr. Paul Bidone arrived from Italy. He spoke no English and carried only a ten shilling note and the name of one British contact. However three years later he had opened his first home, Fatima House in south London, for homeless elderly men. At the time Fatima House was opened in 1952 the Congregation established a charitable trust as the vehicle for its work in England.

In 2001/2 the Congregation restructured its affairs and founded a new charitable company to manage and develop its English care and housing services. The company, also called ‘The Sons of Divine Providence’, was constituted to be managed by a board of trustees, the majority of whom are members of the religious Congregation but also including lay members. With effect from 1st April 2002 the assets, liabilities and functions of the unincorporated trust were transferred to the new charitable company.

From 1st April 2009 the charity adopted the name ‘Orione Care’ so that it could more readily convey to the public the type of work undertaken. The new name allows the charity to develop its own identity, whilst retaining the link with the Congregation through the use of the Founder’s name and by upholding its ethos within Orione Care’s operational policies.

Orione Care’s trustees meet four times per year and the meetings are organised to enable tenants and service users to have a say in the running of their services.

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